Stamp of Approval Checklist

So how do we choose the brands we carry? We go through a rigorous list each time we curate a new line, making sure that not only the products, but the ethical standard of the company itself, are up to par.

 1. Does the company produce a quality product that will stand the test of time when worn in a normal respectful manner? You should be able to enjoy your product for some time to come without it coming apart due to lack of quality. 

2. Is the quality consistent throughout the product, or are there issues with the sewing and blocking? Every part of your new product's aspect should be quality-from the seaming in the interior to the outside aesthetic and balance. 

3. Is the company and their ability to manufacture products consistent? Can we count on them to provide our clients with the best, every single time? We can't have a vendor be amazing one year and lackluster the next. We demand consistent quality for you because you deserve it. 

4. Does the company pay their people well, exemplifying quality human standards that compare and/or exceed the quality of the products themselves? There's no heart in making money off of others misery and poor working conditions. We aim to buy the best products where everyone is happy-from the artisans to the companies to you, our client. 

5. Does the company provide both classic and on-trend looks that allow a variety of wearers to connect to the brand? Purchasing new fabulous hats for each season is part of the fashion industry-the ability to change your looks based upon what inspires you. But that elegant hat in the back of the closet is a must have go-to and we all need that. 

6. Does the company aim to please their vendors and clients, or solely increase their sales? Buying ethically starts at the source, and if our producers aim to please based upon authenticity of product and clarity of their business model, everyone succeeds. 

7. Would we wear the product and stand behind the brand? If Danielle won't stand behind the product and speak about it in a proud honest manner, we won't carry the brand. 

8. Are the products safe for the wearer and manufactured in the most possible eco-sensitive manner? Many of our manufacturers use eco-sensitive products along with sustainable materials when available. Who needs to consume now only to possibly have an eco backlash later for the youth of our future. 

9. How does the price of the product reflect the quality? Is it overpriced, underpriced or right where is should be? Paying too much for a product is always an awful feeling. Many manufacturers product cheaply with cheap labor and expect a high return. With us, the higher end product price ranges are directly due to quality of materials, training of the artisans and sustaining an ethical company. 

10. What about our brands that we make ourselves? Mill Valley Hat Box proudly produces our patent pending Cap-Ban-Nu hat size reducers in the United States. In fact, our materials are sourced here in California and made in the U.S.A., along with the manufacture of our hangtags (Marin County) and our adhesives (California). We assemble each and every piece by hand in beautiful downtown Mill Valley with care. Our signature logo hat boxes are custom made for us in the United States. We refuse to outsource our products and prefer to pay more for a quality product that we are proud to sell by creating jobs here.