Mill Valley Hat Box, the trusted source for your authentic hat.

Established in 1994, Mill Valley Hat Box offers an exceptional line of men's and women's hats. We purvey time honored brands like Borsalino, Helen Kaminski, Stetson and Eric Javits, alongside smaller hat manufacturers and a curated line of accessories that bear our "stamp of approval". 

  • with over twenty years experience we have a trained eye to help find you the perfect hat
  • shop with us to discover one of a kind artisan hats and accessories, along with respected quality brands 
  • nestled in picturesque downtown Mill Valley, you'll find us bordering Lytton Square
  • we were conceptualized in 1994 by Dorothy Schubert to be unique, authentic and individual-just like our clients
  • branching out into the glorious web is new for us, but don't expect anything less than the same amazing selection and exceptional service you would receive in our brick and mortar
  • Danielle Schubert, second generation master milliner, follows in her mother's footsteps and runs Mill Valley Hat Box

Taking Pride in our Products, So You Can Too

We take pride in carrying brands that are produced ethically. We support our local artisans and buy from companies that pay homage to our time honored industry. We only purvey products that are a cut above the rest. So, how do you receive a Stamp of Approval from Mill Valley Hat Box? Read about our checklist here and what makes a Real Hat in our eyes.