• Capital Couture, Panem's Inspiration of Art

    Fashion is exceptional at drawing out the inner most desires and the creative natures in us all. It enables us to use our skin and bodies as a palate, demonstrating to the world who we are and what we stand for.

    Recently I came upon a site, driven by the outstanding fashion design from The Hunger Games movies, Capital Couture. Bringing the dreams of Suzanne Colllins to life, artists were invited to collaborate on what the mythical city of Panem's population would don.

    From the freakishly angelic biomechanics of Anouk Wipprecht and the distinctively haunting 3D printing enabled body modification to the delicate warrior gauntlet created by Shaune Leane, it seems expressly apparent that our ever shifting industry is embracing the swiftly advancing technology now available at our fingertips.






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