• Mill Valley Hat Box To Find a New Home

    Since we incurred massive water damage back in February we have had an outpouring of client support expressing kind concern for our well being, curiosity about what happened and excitement about what will come next. 

    On Sunday February 8th we came into Mill Valley Hat Box to find water pouring out of our ceiling which had flooded the store and in turn destroyed our merchandise, computer systems and decor. The devastating intensity of our loss was and still is incomprehensible.  

    Unluckily, after almost eight months, our leaky building has not been remedied, and we were left with no choice but to leave 118 Throckmorton Avenue and begin searching for a new location.

    Mill Valley Hat Box is a heritage store in Marin County, started by Dorothy Schubert over twenty-four years ago and has been continued by me, her daughter. We are extremely sad that after our extensive time of being in downtown Mill Valley and serving our community that we must find a new location. But know that when we do secure a new brick and mortar we will rebuild and be back to again to purvey what we deem as the best in men's and women's hats with unparalleled customer service.

    A gracious thank you to all of our loyal, patient and kind clients who have reached out to us in this devastating time. We look forward to reopening our doors to you once again and continuing to serve our community with honesty, respect and integrity.


    Danielle Schubert

    Master Milliner and Owner

    Mill Valley Hat Box



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